the club was established on the 2nd of march 1865, and is one of the oldest sporting clubs in australia. the club is part of a national organisation and  is affiliated with the new south wales rifle association, and the national rifle association of australia.  target shooting is a game of skill, which many consider  to be a "mind game", and as such enables all people to participate regardless of their age of physical fitness the club has an active membership comprised of people of all ages and both men and women. men and women compete equally, and there are often additional awards given at major competitions for juniors and level competition is based on individual handicaps. open events at higher levels are based on a national grading system.its worth noting that the "first shot" fired in international competition was by queen victoria, at wimbledon, uk. long range "f class target shooting with scope rifles at goulburn rifle club.the goulburn rifle club conducts target shooting from 300 to 900 yards on most saturday afternoons at about 12:00pm.the competition is known as f class, it caters for two classes of scoped rifle. standard rifles are to be either 308 win or 223 rem and weigh up to class rifles can be any calibre up to 8mm and weigh up to 10kg. all shooting is from the prone position using a rear sand bag and a front rest. the front rest can either be bi-pod or bench rest style pedestal.the long ranges will require a good quality scope of at least 20 power, together with plenty of elevation adjustment. most shooters use a tapered scope mount. so if you have a good quality varmint rifle, or have just purchased one, come, join us and try f class. if you are looking for a new factory rifle to shoot f class, take a look at the speciality f class rifles from savage or tactical rifles from remington, or take a look at the link on our links page.for more information drop us a line, give us a ring , or come out and say hi, and possibly have a go at target shooting

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